Prayer Request: For Job and Wife


As salam o aleykom wa rahmatola wa barakato,

Can you pray for me that I will find a job which gives me lot of money so I would no longer have to think about material needs.┬áCan you pray for me that I’ll find the perfect woman for me.┬áCan you pray for me that I’ll see The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.S.) or Mahdi (S.A.S.) ?

Thank you so much


wa `alaykum salam,

I will forward your prayer request insha-Allah. May Allah give your the best job, wife, and holy experiences. That is what Allah would like for all of us since He loves us more than our own mothers! By the nature of this world, it is our choice to pursue the activities that allow us to reach the highest levels of humanity. May Allah give you success on this journey, ameen.

Dr. Bazaraa

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