Prayer Request: Is it possible to return to my ex-husband?


Mawlana, I am divorced for almost two years and I still love my ex-husband, is there any Duaa that I can do to make my ex-husband miss me again and try to resume our relationship?
I’m really missing him, and he has not contacted me more .. he forgot me..



`Alaykum as-Salam,
Convey to him your feelings so that he is aware of them. Recite Surat al-Inshirah and after each verse make du`a to Allah Most High stating your intention thus:
Alam nashrah laka sadrak – O Allah, expand the breast of “x” son of “y” so that he will love again “x” daughter of “y”
wa-wada`na `anka wizrak – O Allah, lay into the heart of “x” son of “y”renewed love for “x” daughter of “y”
al-ladhi anqada zhahrak, wa-rafa`na laka dhikrak – O Allah, raise up renewed love of “x” daughter of “y” in the heart of “x” son of “y”
fa’inna ma`a al-`usri yusra, inna ma`a al-`usri yusra – O Allah, make easy renewed love of “x” daughter of “y” in the heart of “x” son of “y”
fa-idha faraghta fansab, wa-ila Rabbika farghab – O Allah, thus make the heart of “x” son of “y” yearn again for “x” daughter of “y”.

Hajj Gibrl Haddad

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