Istikhara Request : To Find a Job or Set Up Small Business


Assalamualaikum wr wb, Madad ya Sayyidi ya Rasulullah saw for Maulana Syaikh Nazim and Maulana Syaikh Hisyam (and for other Syaikh also), fatihah.

My name is ([private]) from Jakarta,Indonesia. Recently I just quit my job coz I want to have more time for my family n for worship. Now I’m confused whether if I should find another job in another company (becoming employee again) or to set up a business (newspaper+magazine agency) in order to fulfill my family needs & for goodness of my religion. Madad ya Sayyidi ya Maulana, ya Syaikhuna, please guide me n my family which path should I take. Please advise me.

Thank you very much, Wassalam wr wb


wa `alaykum salam,

Who advised you to do such a foolish thing? It is your first obligation to support your family! You should try to get back the job you so carelessly threw away, and if not, take any job and work hard until your situation improves. Of what benefit is it if you are busy praying and your family must turn to others for sadaqa?

Shaykh Hisham said, in his suhbat of 3 November, 2009:

For every Muslim, Allah gave a balanced day: eight hours for sleep, eight hours for work and eight hours for his family, worshipping, because spending time with family is like worshipping. So eight hours sleeping, not disco all the night; you come fajr time drunk already, you don’t pray, you don’t do anything. Eight hours work; don’t be lazy. Shaytan is teaching us to be lazy. One day you wake up, already you are 70-years-old and you don’t see anything except laziness in your face. Allah (swt) is going to question you; “I gave you 24 hours: 8 hours to work, 8 hours to worship, and 8 hours to sleep. Did you balance your system with that or not?”

Taher Siddiqui

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