Prayer Request: mercy from immigration officers not get deported


I can to school in Canada but things go hard. I lost dad within 6 month. I was depress and I was advice by someone to change my name which was very hard for me. After 2 year of suffering from friends who wanted my to go into escorting to make money to go back to school which I refuse to do. Going through so many hardship I decided to seek refuge by changing my name and now immigration is after me so scared. I feel Allah is mad at me.I need pray for God to forgive me. And prayer for immigration to have mercy on my to give me another opportunity to make things right.I have to go there next week ..I don’t want to go to jail or be deported.


On the day of your interview make wudu and pray two rakaat and/or give sadaqa to your intention. Be truthful and straightforward without fear. In sha Allah things will work out for you.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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