Prayer Request: Needed to do wudu often


Bismillahir rahmanir rahim,
As salamu alaikum
Sheikh Hisham, Hajjah Naziha and eshaykh team.

I am requesting Hajjah Naziha to help me to stay clean. I am having continuous vaginal discharge not too much sometimes very little. All the time almost including prayer times with bad thought also sometimes without that may be. Allah knows best. It’s happening 2 and half years. I already tried previous advice about this matter. I also pray with new wudu as advised. But other than 5 prayers how to keep wudu for daily awrad and do zikr all the time?

I feel myself unclean all the time. Before checked with doctor and nothing was wrong. Please bring me out from this darkness. I am the worst one..It was so hard for me to do tarawih on Ramadan. Please pray for me so I can die with wudu.

JazakaAllah khairan. May Allah give long life to Sheikh Hisham, to you and your all family members.


Wa alaikumussalam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Vaginal discharge is normal, it may be caused by infection, body temperature, weather conditions — cold or heat — or it may also be caused by not wearing the right underwear. Clean your inside private part every time you urinate. Wear cotton underwear. Take a tablespoon of honey 3 times daily. If the discharge comes out during the prayer, insert a small cotton ball. But if the discharge is caused by bad thoughts, then make intention to clean your thought by zikrullah; you will feel clean and at peace. Get marred if you are single. Allah Hafiz.

Hajjah Faridah

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