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Madhur or not?

I have a problem related to excessive flatulence and urine drops. However my problem is not constant, there are times when I can pray easily without breaking wudu but most of the time I pass wind and urine drops even in very small amounts, despite all excercises to help empty my bowel and urethra. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Needed to do wudu often

I am requesting Hajjah Naziha to help me to stay clean. I am having continuous vaginal discharge not too much sometimes very little. All the time almost including prayer times with bad thought also sometimes without that may be. Allah knows best. Continue reading

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Sleep on wudu

Our masters teach us that to sleep on wudu is an ibada. That’s our intention. Continue reading

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Jumma Khutba

My question is 1) what is the correct method or way of sitting during Jumma sermon/khutba? Continue reading

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Bleeding during pregnancy

Can we pray when pregnant (2nd month) but bleeding? Continue reading

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Elaborate on “dripping”

In this question, Mawlana says “Then after you finish going where you are going, you can renew your wudu. However, you have to be careful. If anything drips, then you know what you have to do”… Continue reading

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Dream: Masjid an-Nabawi

I was sitting inside Masjid al-Nabawi ( alayhi afdalus salat was salaam ) waiting for Jumah Salah… Continue reading

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Wudhu problem

I have problem of maintaining my wudhu. It lasts for very short time and I pass wind… Continue reading

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