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Asalaamu alaykum Sayyidi Shaykh and eshaykh staff

I have problem of maintaining my wudhu. It lasts for very short time and I pass wind. It is difficult to maintain especially when praying in jama’a or praying salat tasbih which makes me less inclined to pray this salat. I am a slow reciter as well and repeating wudhu several times takes a long time in completing salat and I feel shy when I am at a guest’s house. Because of this I am not able to sleep in a state of wudhu as well.
I wish to be normal and keep my wudhu for a longer time. Is there anything I can recite to solve this problem?

Thank you for everything. Long live our Shuyukh. ameen


wa `alaykum salam,

Your condition is a medical one. Just make one Wudu and intend “li Istibaahatis-Salaah lillahi Ta`ala” (to allow you to pray) for every prayer, and you must immediately pray without delay. Try not to pray too long. You may pray the Sunnah later.

Also do seek medical treatment, and watch your diet as well.

Abdul Shakur

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