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Is my ghusl nullified?

I did ghusl haiz and did it correctly. I did one more ghusl the next day(not because of any reason) but in the evening noticed dried mucus/blood in my nose, so if this ghusl isn’t considered valid… Continue reading

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Elaborate on “dripping”

In this question, Mawlana says “Then after you finish going where you are going, you can renew your wudu. However, you have to be careful. If anything drips, then you know what you have to do”… Continue reading

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Eating whilst Junub

Is one allowed to eat when in the junub condition?[fr]Is one allowed to eat when in the junub condition?[/fr] Continue reading

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Conditions for Intention in Ibadah

What are the conditions for a valid intention in any act of ibadah? (mainly wudu’, prayers and ghusl)… Continue reading

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