Conditions for Intention in Ibadah


Assalamualaikum Mawlana Shaykh Hisham and all eshaykh staff, May ALLAH swt bless all of you for your guidance.

What are the conditions for a valid intention in any act of ibadah? (mainly wudu’, prayers and ghusl) Is it sufficient to just think in my mind without voicing out loud my intention? Must I say the words in my mind? Must the intention be in Arabic?

Which is correct? “I intend to pray” or “I intend to pray for ALLAH swt”? I often feel like I have not made proper intention, then I stop and repeat the act again. Please help me with keeping focus in ibadah. Please clarify this for me and thank you for help.

Wa`alaikumussalam Wr Wb

Any act of worship requires (Niyyah) intention “for Allah” (lillaahi ta`ala). Niyyah must be made in the heart at the moment you begin the act. You may say it with your tongue in any language to reinforce your conscience. Don’t delay once you’ve made your intention and ignore all doubts.

Abdul Shakur Hadi

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