Prayer Request: Please help me or else I will die



I’m a female. I’ve lived a troubled life since childhood which has made me a negative person. All I see is negativity. I feel nothing will go positive again. I cry over little things, get hurt badly even on small issues and blame myself for every problem. I’m under depression. I’ve become weak, mostly stay ill, had surgery two years back. I’m tired of these hardships, feel like killing myself. Also, I mostly dream of my teeth falling and 2ndly I mostly slip on the ground in dreams.

And most importantly, I passionately like a guy, want to marry him, he too liked me but now he says he cant marry me.

Please help I need a dua/wazeefa so that this guy and his family’s hearts melt for me and we get married by Allah’s grace. I cant live without him.


Salam alaykum,

Loss of teeth in dream is because your own words are harming you beyond your years but this can easily change. Start by avoiding all negative language. Pray your prayers no matter what and trust in Allah Who hears the dua of the needy. Visit a sick relative and give them your smile for no reason from time to time. Give sadaqa even if small on a regular basis. Things will improve quickly for you in sha Allah.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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