Prayer Request: please ya shaykh, help us



ya sayyidi, you have answered my questions with the title, please ya shaykh Hisyam,

That girl tell to me that her parents still disagree with our relationship,
they order to her to date with other boy, its ok if she dating than marry with me,
and this syawal 1st/2nd, says that disagree if she is married, and it better if she kill herself than to marry,
they often angry if she do wird or do more worship, also threaten that will report her to the police
yesterday her parents go to a man? and she was given a drink (ruqyah?)

she run a way from her house twice, now she wants to move again from her parent and hire a rental house
but i wants she lives with me as my wife, she also wants it

ya shaykh
help her, help us


wa `alaykum salam,
War with parents over the issue of marriage is not a recipe for blessing. Patience, love and respect win the day. Have one of your older relatives visit them and propose formally, and follow the halal and Sunnah way for protection here and hereafter.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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