Prayer Request: for coal and food business


Assalamualaykum wr. wb. ya Syaikh Gibril,

There is one of my friend,  has a question,since he has limited internet facility, he ask me to send email to you.

His question is:

“Since I would like to do coal business and other business as well, what dua I should do in order to make this business will run well, because after long time my business often failure many times.  What should I do and please pray for me.”

Beside him, I also would like to start my own business in field of food and traditional mushroom producing, please pray for me as well ya Syaikh,anyway,actually my husband also often fail in doing coal business, is there any dua to make our  business will run well?

Thank you so much in advance for your kind help ya Syaikh Gibril.  May Allah will bless you and family.

Wassalamualaykum wr. wb.,


`Alaykum as-Salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,

May Allah grant you and yours goodness and protection here and hereafter, and suffice you in your endeavors with zahir and batin rizq from His  storehouses.

Coal is mentioned at the end of Surat Yasin as a Divine gift. Read the last seven verses of that Surah inside Salat or after each Salat, and Salatu munajiyyah (aka Salat tunjiyyah) on the Holy Prophet (upon him blessings and peace), to the intention of success in your business. Give zakat each day even small, to the intention of heavenly support.

For food and mushroom business read to the same intention the second half of Surat `Abasa from the verse fal-yanzhuril insanu ila ta`amih… to the end, and Salatu munajiyyah (aka Salat tunjiyyah); and give sadaqa to the poor for the sake of Allah each day even a small amount. In sha Allah you will be supported.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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