Prayer Request: Problem, do not know


Salaam eShaykh,

Now it’s 20 years to my marriage, we are having financial problems and because of that we decided to move to Canada. But still no progress but we are now badly in debt. Whatever we try to do, something happens and everything is just stopped or fails. I tried to do some wazifas but still no difference. I am mentally disturbed and I am on medicines. I am having health problems all the time. Please help me, make dua for me and tell me some prayers or wazifa that I can do. Please answer my email, I am writhing this with high hope.


Dua for you


Alaykum Salam,

Consult your doctor on how to best reduce dependency on medicines. Trust
that your situation will improve. The Holy Prophet (upon him blessings
and peace) said that Salat is Light (Nur) and Sabr is Light (Daw’) so
use both. Use daily sadaqa, even small, as your medication also.

Follow the replies in and and
may Allah grant you goodness here and hereafter.

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