Prayer Request: Requesting dua from Shaikh Nazim and Shaykh Hisham


Humbly requesting if Shaykh hHsham can respond to my matter

My name is : [private] (Mothers: [private])
My husband’s name: [private] (Mothers: [private])
Married since: 10 years, 11th ongoing

I have lost hope in my marriage and lost trust in my husband. I have given a lot of sacrifices but now I’m very insecure in my life with him, I can’t imagine having children at this time with him although this is the time if things were right in my marriage I would have considered that. He has said talaq 2 times because of arguments which I later I found was because he was hiding something from me (money). Ya Saeedi, PLZ, help me decide if I should stay with him or leave him. I sometimes wish to run back to Pakistan and not be in touch with ANYONE, not even my own family. I just want to be alone.


salam `alaykum,

Keep hope in Allah (swt). Speak with him and give him time until after Hajj; if he does not change then you do what you feel you need to achieve satisfaction.

Salam `alaykum

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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