Prayer Request: Righteous and Compatible Marriage Partner



I am a female in mid 30s, heartbroken and lonely. Been trying for marriage for a long long time, but unsuccessful. All doors appear to be always closed, and there is no ray of hope. Allah (swt) has blessed me with other necessities of life, but finding a partner has been a never- ending test. I am very hopeless. Please pray that Allah (swt) bring a righteous and compatible partner in my life miraculously, and we together seek closeness to Allah (swt) in this life and hereafter (ameen). Or if marriage is not decreed upon me, then Allah give me sabr, and I stop my search as it is very painful. Please pray for the sake of Allah (swt).



Pray salatul Hajat with intention and do’a. Recite Salawat Jawharat al-Kamal 7 times daily and wet your mouth with Salawat always. You don’t have to search and be hopeless, Allah will send you a good man. Keep practicing sabr as it will profit you in your marriage, in sha Allah.

Hajjah Faridah

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