Prayer Request: Success in My Daughter’s Studies


My daughter age 14 years named [private], is a very good child. She has performed umra and says her prayers. She studies very hard, but her results are so disappointing. I am a highly educated mother. I take a lot of interest in her work. I was an excellent student myself. I also volunteer for many activities in her school. My daughter tries to participate in things, but she is NEVER selected for anything. Like she is invisible. All the people I know, are so proud because their children are doing in school. My poor child, she hides her pain in her heart. Why is this? It is not normal, so much effort and no reward. She works so hard. The teachers say she is well behaved and responsible. Her best friends get selected, and win awards. Not her. Why? Please tell me prayers can I say for her.


You are describing what sounds to be a wonderful child. She is obedient to Allah, her parents and her studies. She is pious, kind and responsible–these are qualities that make for a wonderful human being that insha-Allah will contribute a lot to society, just maybe in ways you didn’t expect. Be patient and continue to encourage her to do her best and insha-Allah her true calling will become clear to you.

Dr. Hedieh Mirahmadi

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