Prayer Request: Uncertainty of my ideas



I would just like to ask about my situation. I am 19 and recently started an apprenticeship with an engineering firm. I work Tue-Fri full-time and go to University on Mondays. I am in my first year of this 6 year, long programme.

The problem I have is that, I physically and mentally cannot seem to keep up with this all. I have in my plans for this year such as Hajj and marriage but with the way my work is being so demanding as well as trying to study, I cannot seem to concentrate. Should I quit this opportunity or stick with my job?



Alaykum Salam,

Do not task yourself with everything at the same time but begin with what is most pressing and get that done first. You can finish what you started – your study and apprenticeship – and not let it go to waste, since you were given an opportunity and a place which were denied to others who would have wished to have them. You will get used to the pace
and it will become easier for you in sha Allah. Give sadaqa and postpone your excellent intentions of Hajj and marriage until you have more independence, time and maturity. It is good to have a clear long-term plan and stick with it faithfully while at the same time your sincere intention reaps you every reward if Allah were to take you back to Him tomorrow.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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