Prayer Request: urgent help


Salam, I was in a relation with a guy for more than 6 yrs..he was non-Muslim but he accepted Islam..we wanted to marry but both our parents refused. Now even he stepped back because of parents. It’s been 2 yrs we are away and I’m doing lots of wazaifs but nothing has changed. I did istekhara and it was positive. I recite dua of Dawud a.s everyday but I can’t do ruqya and taweez..I recite ‘ya fattah ya jabbar‘ and ‘ya muqalibal’ also..

Plz pray for me and suggest me some strong dua that he reverts back to me with Iman and we get married with our parents’ permission. I’m going through a bad state. Can’t even explain. I cant marry anyone as I love him a lot. Plz pray for me hazrat and help me.


Alaykum Salam,

After such a long time but still no marriage…it is a sign for you to move on. Parents represent divine good pleasure and for every closed door Allah Most High opens two or more other doors. Give thanks and be cheerful without imposing conditions on whatever He gives you, which might be better for you than what you yourself would like.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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