Prayer Request: Waswas and Instability


Asalaamalaykum wr wb ..
Please could you pray for my brother who:
– Is having waswas that our tariqa isnt benefiting him and having doubts
– Is studying Islamic knowledge and worries that it won’t help my parents and is impractical .. Also, when he doesnt do enough in a day he feels useless..

He has both spiritual + geographical distance from Mawlana.. I explained that awrad compensates for this but he says it doesnt help..

Shaytaan makes him think very negatively perhaps because he’s alone a lot (hasnt started uni yet)..

Please help him, i know he’s a good person and when he gets close to Allah swt, he doesnt get these thoughts + I told him that Shaytaan wants him to deteriorate that but he feels there is something wrong with him..

Please advise me so that he may become stronger..

Allah Bless You All ..

Alaykum as-Salam,

Let him attend weekly dhikr and it will refresh his spirit in sha Allah.
Recite Ya Hafizh x100 daily for him.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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