Djinns treatment


Bismillah ir rahmaan ir raheem
assalamuralaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

There is a person in my locality claiming that awliya Allah help him and also says that he inherited this from ancestors,he has a very strange method of removing djinss, he wears lots of tasbihs around his neck during the process, he brings his patients to the sea side at night..perform a special prayer calling it seaside salaat then he takes his patients and plunge them 11 times in the sea then takes a bottle of water fill it half with sea water forcing the patient to drink it in a very uncomfortable position..when the patient starts to suffocate he tells him to blow in the bottle claiming that the djinn is entering the this a correct method
pray for us


Wa alaikum as-salaam! Bismillahirahmaniraheem, wa salaatu was salaamu ala Rasulana’l kareem.

After this, and asking destoor and medad from Maulana Shaykh, I am reminding myself and you that Quran admonishes the believers not to pursue things of which we have no knowledge.

Surah Baqaraa,¬†ayat 102 says that magic and such things cannot harm anyone without Allah’s permission. Many ayats say that what happens to us from evil is our own fault. We are not saying “astagfirLlah” and trying to correct ourselves but looking to blame others for our misfortunes.

Say “astagfirLlah” 1000 times and leave these strange matters.¬†There is a hadith qudsi collected by ibn al-Arabi (Allah ta’ala bless him) wherein Musa alayhi as-salaam asks Allah ta’ala, “O my Lord! When, or with which thing, are you pleased with us?”
“O Musa”, replied the Lord, “When My servant is busy with his own affairs, I am pleased with him!”

In other words, when we mind our own business!

Shukran, thank you for your question. Pray for us. As-salaamualaikum.

Abdul Haqq

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