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Djinns treatment

There is a person in my locality claiming that awliya Allah help him and also says that he inherited this from ancestors, he has a very strange method of removing djinss, he wears lots of tasbihs around his neck during the process,he brings his patients to the sea side at night… Continue reading

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Good Manners

Some questions regarding good manners. Sometimes adults make mistakes or say something wrong. It could be about Islam or anything else. How should we be correcting them without offending them? Continue reading

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Prayer Request:Evil thoughts & Addiction

I am in much problems from 1 year I’m affected by black magic. Some says it is and evil jinn, and some say angel, black magic… Continue reading

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Hearing gossip

How should one behave when their own family member is gossiping with someone else in your presence? Should you tell the person gossiping to stop the gossip? Or should you remain silent? Continue reading

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