Is Jesus the Word of God?


Shaykh Gibril, what does the Quran mean when it calls Jesus “kalimat Allah“? Of course, we cannot interpret this in the sense of “word made flesh” like a walking word. So what does this mean?


Nowhere does the Qur’an call `Isa (upon him peace) “kalimat Allah.” Rather, the Qur’an calls him “kalimatin min Allah” twice in Surat Al `Imran, meaning “a word from Allah.” It means (i) a proof of the power of Allah to create a human being without a father, make him speak from the cradle, and revive the dead at his hands, and also (ii) the word كن “Be” by which He created `Isa without the customary intermediary of a father, just as Adam and Eve were created without a father and mother.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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