Qur’anic Verse about Angels wearing Turbans


Dear Brothers and Sisters, in one of Scheich Nazims Sohbets (Sohbet 6. April 2011) was spoken that the angels are wearing turbans. The recitation should be in the Holy Quran Sura 3, 125. Now my question: I was searching for this in German translations, English translations and in the Corpus Quran (arabic). But nowhere I found the word “turban” and the recitation from the sohbet was very different from the Aya I read in the Quran. What does this mean? Is there anything I don’t understand correct? Please help me to understand so that I can find more love and peace for Allah! It is very difficult for me and some other Muslims to hear such. Now we hope that we will get an answer from you! May Allah bless you! Waiting with interest for your soon reply I remain with best regards and wa salam


The verse states “Your Lord shall help you with five thousand angels bearing marks (musawwamin)” (Surat Ali ‘Imran, 3:125). Ibn ‘Abbas, the greatest of the early exegetes, said: “The signs are that they wore turbans.”

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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