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Forgive me for ask another question.

Alhamdulillah i have met MSN & MSH and some of the Shuyukh in spiritual. But when MSH is coming to our country, I rarely get the chance to kiss his hand. Maybe if I insist I can kiss his hand. But in order to kiss his hand by insist, I have to jostle & push brother & sister in Naqshbandi. So, I prefer not to kiss Maulana’s hand, although my heart is broken. One of brother told me, that is bad adab. He told me that I have to insist to show my love to Maulana. I don’t know adab in tariqah ya sayyidi. So I want to get clarification.

Many thanks ya Sayyidi. I miss you & love you all.




Do not despair. You have some Adab. It is a lack of it that people are jostling around the Shaykh – that’s simple disrespect – but don’t make it a point not to kiss his hand at all. If you can, stay at the end of the line after everyone has kissed his hand, perhaps its better for you. Consider also when Shaykh Hisham is in a huge gathering like Indonesia, the vast majority in the crowd never get the chance to kiss his hand, nevertheless just greet him with your heart and he will surely answer you. Insisting on the Shaykh’s attention is not the objective, but rather to realize that he knows about you and is cleansing you by virtue of his presence, and is pleased with you, – that, sometimes – may be sufficient provision for you.

Abdul Shakur

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