Becoming a talib of Shaykh Nazim al haqqani


Asalam o alaikum Shaykh,

I was wondering if i could become a talib of the repected shaykh nazim al haqqani, as i cannot do bayah with him because i have done bayah with another shaykh. i was wondering if this was possible and if it is, how would i become a talib. jazakallah khair, i respect the work you do to help the muslim ummah of our beloved. i would love to know how i can recieve spiritual success from shaykh nazim.


Wa `alaykum salam,

Yes, it is nur `ala nur (light upon light), insha-Allah. You may take baya` at the Naqshbandi website. Please see the post, Spiritual pull of Awliyah.


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