Cleaning the Heart


assalamu alaikum
I am 19 years old.
1. How do you control your nafs and passions and clean ur qalb?

2. I see in many places that it is said to do dhikr..but I don’t know what to do…Please suggest daily dhikr so that inshallah I can follow it?

3. Sometimes I feel very good after praying or reciting salawat..but at times I feel that there is no connection between me and my LORD and my PROPHET PBUH or AWLIYA ALLAH RA..I feel worse at these times as I am really afraid that I might go far from them and might be among the unfortunate..Please help me..

Though I am not a mureed of Shaykh Nazim or Sheikh Hisham, I love them both.. Please pray for me that I should always be near and feel connected to ALLAH SWT, PROPHET PBUH and all the SAINTS.



1. Refrain from anger, keep the 5 daily prayers, keep clear of sin and be consistent with good deeds.
2. There are three levels of daily Dhikr. Do the Awrad for Initiates and you can read more here.
3. Do not fear or give up hope. There will be times you will feel a closeness, and there will be times you will a disconnectedness. The former is Allah’s Grace for you to feel its beauty and taste its sweetness, the latter is a training for you to yearn for Him and fear Him.I invite you to take the hand of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani as your Guide. Make the initiation here and fill out the Welcome Form when you’ve done.

Abdul Shakur

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