Fazila with Names of Allah Azawajjal


Assalamu wa ‘alaykum Shuyukh,

I ask, was the mosque with a Moulana and then deliver books about zikr with names of Allah Azawajjal, the Moulana does not speak our language and tried to explain it but we did not quite understand his answer. Then I would like to ask you about some dhikrs and wazifah recommended by Awliyah and Ulama, for example, eg 33 times ya Maliku, 21 ya Alimu , ya Qaharu, where did these numbers and these repetitions with the names of Allah Azawajjal. I’m not convinced about that question, but many here ask me about it and would like to have an answer for this.

Even a very boring event happened in a Wahabi mosque Shaykh said that we could not distribute books about it in the mosque for not Dalil and that he abandoned the path of Tasawwuf that his father went on that account.


Alaykum Salam,

There is no harm in repeating the Holy Names of Allah Most High for a good and spiritual reason, not for dunya, under the guidance of an authorized teacher. As for those who do not accept it they are free and we are not responsible for them nor are they responsible for us.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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