Feeling regret of love


Assalamualaikum Ya Syaikh,
I met a beautiful girl several years ago as a friend. Once time in the past. She broke relation with her boyfriend and I heard she liked me and I tried to approaching her even I wasn’t enough confident and ready at that moment. Actually was she back to her previous boyfriend before I told my feeling to her.

The problem is until now sometimes the feeling of love comes & makes me feeling regret for this condition because I  haven’t expressed my feeling yet & she is already married now with someone. Did I miss opportunity that Allah gave me? If she is written for me…is it possible I missed it because of my weakness?

Please pray for me for solution of this feeling,and hope Allah give another beautiful and better woman to become my wife. Is there any dua/wird/dzikir can i recite related to this intention? May Allah bless you. Thanks syaikh.


`Alaykum Salam,
You didn’t miss anything at all. Rather all your rizq will reach you no matter what. Allah is most generous. Say in every du’aRabbana atina fil dunya hasanatan wa fil akhirati hasanatan wa qina ‘adhaban nar” to the intention of marriage.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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