Following Mawlana’s advice


as salamou alaikoum dears brothers from eshaikh, may Allah bless you all, and give long life to Mawlana Sheikh Nazim and Sheikh Hicham and their honorable families.
If possible, please, this request is for Sheikh Hicham: we are 2 brothers from tariqa in France, we both saw Mawlana, and he told us to make free market(he said buy and sell). Mawlana gave us some cloth. We have tried to obey what Mawlana said, but we have faced some difficulties because we don’t have any financial means to start (we need a truck). We have authorization papers from French authority. Please, ya Sayyidi, do you know if there is any financial organization related to tariqa which could help us to start our project?
Sorry, Sayydi, for our lack of adab, and sorry for disturbing you.


wa `alaykum salam,

When Mawlana gives permission, he will send a power with it. So keep looking. I don’t know anyone that you are requesting a truck from, but I know that Mawlana has said this to many people. It might be that you misunderstood what he said. He means to have a table in the flea market and go buy small things, not huge things that need a truck. You can have luggage in your hand and take small items to sell that can be carried in a bag, like rings, etc. Pack them in your luggage at your home and go by train or any transportation and go to the flea market to sell them. Don’t go the hard way. That would make you like the example of someone who bought a chicken. He is a man with a stick in his hand as the sunnah and said to himself, “I have chicken and every day that chicken will give an egg. So in 10 days I will have 10 eggs, in 20 days 20 eggs. By 30 days, 30 eggs. He put it above his head to carry, and by mistake, rose the cane and pushed it. The whole basket of eggs was broken. So don’t think of a truck and what is difficult. Do what comes easily. So if Mawlana asked you in the way you are thinking to get a truck with all its complications, then he will never tell you to do that. Don’t go high. Do what Mawlana said. It might be that when you are buying something small that people want to get rid of, that some small item can be worth 100,000 Euros.

When I was there in Cyprus, 2 people came, and mawlana gave advice: leave the city and go to the farmland and buy 10 sheep. In 1 year you will have 20 or 30 sheep. In another year they bring 60, and in another year they bring 200. Mawlana Shaykh is encouraging you not to be lazy, sitting at home. That is the meaning.

And Allah knows best.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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