Friend is looking for a spiritual path


My friend was born to a Sikh father and Christian mother. He was raised completely non-religious and non-spiritual. At the age of 1_ he went through a really horrible car accident with 3 friends. The car flipped over 3 times but miraculously no one was seriously injured. Since then he has become spiritual, but non-religious. He’s [private] now and becoming more and more interested in spirituality. I am trying to get him to explore Islam. He believes in only 1 God, but he has a hard time accepting a religion. He sees it as more of a constraint. Can you give me any prayer or something I can give him to practice? He is willing to give it a try. He believes in the sincerity of Muhammad and the true peaceful message of Islam but he is apprehensive about making life changing decisions related to religion.


Let him wash his face, sit and meditate on God for 5 minutes anytime before sunrise each night, and conclude it with one prostration.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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