To Earn the Love of Allah swt?



For the last months of my life I have been pondering over Allah, and I believe in Allah. But I don’t know if I can ever reach his divine presence. Each day passes and I see no good dreams or signs from Allah as other mureeds of sheik Nazim do. I will be honest I don’t really read the dhikr and I pray sometimes not the all 5 but its because I work and when I come home I am really tired. What should i do if I want to have a closer connection with Allah and Muhammad pbuh and will it work?



For all its benefits, try to do the daily Awrad, and this advice is especially to myself first and for everyone. We all tend to miss it, so, naturally some of the gifts and benefits shall be lost from us. Do whatever you can from the daily practices – no matter how much – as this is a constant struggle.

The five daily prayers, however, must be done without fail no matter the situation, as Salah is the pillar of faith and ascension of the believer. Shaytan wants us to find excuses not to remember Allah, so we should not succumb to his mischiefs. Alhamdulillah, our Shuyukh have taught us the ways and means to get close to Allah daily. You only need to follow them on a consistent basis, insha-Allah, you shall find your way to be easy.

Abdul Shakur

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