Madad Of Awliya


I cannot find a specific verse in the Quran where we can ask Madad from Awliya. The only authnetic hadiths for calling other than Allah are for Prophet Muhammad” This was taught by Mustafa (saw) himself. .Now suppose we do call on others for madad. How do we know that the jinns are not playing with us and pretending to help as Awliya? As with Prophet (saw) no shaytan can imitate. So my question was, ” is their any sound solid proof from Quran and hadith? I sit in zikr and feel very good. They say madad from Prophet (saw) to Maulana shaikh. But, when I read Quran , I feel sometimes I have set partners with Allah which Allah azwajal does not forgive. So please tell me specifically from Quran and Sunnah on calling other Awliya from authentic sources. Also verses that say they can help us in dunya.


Please read Asking “Ya Shaykh Madad!”


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