Marriage between different tariqas


As-Salamu alaikum wa RahmatulLahi wa barakatuh.

I´m actually divorced, and as Mawlana recommends us not to remain single, at a time I subscribed to sufilovematch, and met a woman there. After talking we discovered a great affinity between us. She belongs to the tariqa Qadiriya and I follow Shaikh Nazim. Furthermore she lives in U.K. and I live in Argentina. The actions of a believer should be based on a firm intention and trust in their Lord, not looking at adverse circumstances of this world. We want to ask whether this marriage has the baraka of our Shaikh, for the reasons mentioned above, and as is adab in our tariqa, consult our Shaikh. Jazzak Allah jair.


`Alaykum Salam,

Mawlana loves for us to sincerely try to implement the sunna of marriage; but in choosing a spouse he also taught us to regard respective circumstances as signs indicating ease or difficulty. Where there is ease, there is permission. So you know best if it would be easy to start a family with someone far away, from a different culture, etc. If these aspects can be minimized then there is no impediment and you should go ahead; otherwise there are also many murids of Mawlana praying for a good husband in South America. May Allah support you in any case.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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