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Asalalamu alikum maulana sheikh nazim and maulana sheikh hisham kabbani
Recently I became Mureed of Sheikh Nazim by taking bayath from one of his khalifa,I am unable to ready daily awraad. So I request to Maulana sheikh nazim to provide me any durood which i can recite daily any number of times so i can get the benefits in this word and after the life. and I should be in the supervision of my murshid Maulana Shaykh Nazim.


wa `alaykum salam,

Because this answer will benefit all readers, we are posting it public, with apologies to you.

Do your best to recite the Wird of the Initiate. If you fail to finish, then next day recite 100x Salawat (allahuma salli `ala Muhammad wa `ala ali Muhammadin wa sallim) in penance per Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani’s suhbat of November 29th, 2007 Here is the suhbat in near entirety:

In every subhat that Grandshaykh used to give and Mawlana is giving, especially on the day of dhikr, they describe that as the Prophet said, in his hadith that from Friday to Friday what is in between waives the sins away, also from the secret of that hadith awliyaullah say that from Friday to Friday, as dhikr usually was done on Friday and as it is Thursday evening it is [part of] Friday, they say that Allah gave the dhikrullah as a mechanism to clean a servant from his or her mistakes that they have done during the week and he always insisted that there is no excuse for not attending dhikrullah, except 3 excuses:

1)      if you are sick, really sick; and

2)       if you have a guest which is coming from far away and you have to host him; and

3)      the third is if you have something very important that you have to do that even if they tell you drop that work and we will give you 2 golden coins, and you still insist to do the work then you can do it, if the work is like that.

If you find the 2 golden coins are better than the work then you have no excuse not to attend dhikrullah.

Dhikrullah is, Allah swt from every Beautiful Names and Attributes  Allah creates angels, from ever Beautiful Names and Attributes  that we recite Allah creates angels and every repetition of the same name Allah creates more angels that will be praising Allah swt and the rewards will be given to those who are doing dhikrullah.

Think how many time we are repeating and as much it goes longer it is better and also as much as there is crowd, you will get reward multiplied on the number of people present. So if you have 3 people together doing dhikr you will not be rewarded as one individual but you will be rewarded as 3 people and if you are 10 people as the reward of 10 people and if 100 people then as the reward of 100 people

So if your recite Allah 30 times and 100 people are present then 100x 30 it is will be written as 3000 for you as Allah creates from each voice angels and their praises will be written for those attending dhikrullah and that is why  it is very important to attend dhikr and we must know we are in difficult times and times of ignorance and darkness that we must do dhikr as much as possible

That awrad that shaykhs give us will clean us of the pollution that we are doing during the day, don’t miss it. And if you miss it do 100 salawat on the Prophet (s) the next day substitute for all the awraad you missed.

Taher Siddiqui

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