Mystical sufi gatherings


I came across these videos on the internet claiming that they are a sufi gathering. I am really confused by this. Is it justified in sharia?



Alaykum salam,

Such exercises appear to be aiming at acquiring a state of emotional
drunkenness or ecstasy wherein one loses any self control and even loses
consciousness. They need to renew their ablutions once they awaken and
it is neither considered a spiritual station nor a desirable state in
itself. At best it is excusable. But even when mountains whom Prophet
(saws) loved shook under the Holy Prophet’s feet (saws) he told those
mountains to keep still, as that is by far superior. Furthermore, the
mountain was spontaneous, not bringing on its shaking through any

Yet the Prophet (saws) said if you cannot cry spontaneously then cry
studiously. And he said leave the shouting man alone for he is awwah
meaning he cannot control shouting AH! So we do not question their
sincerity but we advise to keep within the bounds of propriety, human
and Muslim dignity, decorum and wisdom in conformity with the Sunna of
the Best of Mankind, because we cannot do our duties nor advise others if
we jerk and jolt uncontrollably even for the sincerest reasons. That is
why Sufis always cling to the Murshid for spiritual direction while the
unlimited manifestations of jadhab (intense spiritual pull) never
constitute irshad (spiritual direction).

Some might mistake such states for miraculous gifts then they fall prey
to shaytan who misguides them and deludes them into thinking that
somehow they have achieved a high states and are excused from real and
true obligatory and sunna devotions, which is not the case. Nor was this
the way of our Mashayikh and Salaf al-Salih because their lofty way is
the way of Sahaba and of Prophet (saws). Allah Most High said Fa idha
faraghta fansab — “Once you have free time (after fulfilling duties
and obligations) then stand upright,” not shake wildly like what some
might compare to Christian evangelicals or Quakers. And Allah knows

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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