Need help to be a good murid


Salam aleykoum,

Dear sheikhs. Hope to find you in good health.
I’m trying to follow the tariqa since more than two years now, but I realize I have a big problem : Everytime I start to get better, I ALWAYS fall on something that makes me doubt, I never manage to keep wondering “What if I’m following wrong teachings?” Astagfirullah and end up finding out that I was wrong.

I try try try not to do this again but it ALWAYS happens. What can I do? I already do the “100 al Ikhlas/Falaq/an Nas” thing daily.┬áIt’s really making me feel awful, please forgive me.



Do not give heed to the whispers of shaytan, they are there to always disturb your concentration. Keep on doing what Mawlana Shaykh Nazim teaches and make it a part of your daily routine. Keep the company of good, pious people and leave no room for any doubt to seep in.

Abdul Shakur

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