Dhikr – khatam khajagan


I attended dhikr with a sheikh in the uk. i was looking for it and found there are rules.
As a non mureed am i allowed to hold a gathering and recite the dhikr titled Khatam Khwajagan with the niyyah of just remembering Allah?


wa alaykum salam,

No. How many fake shaykhs and shaykhas initiated their career in falsehood by doing such a thing? The desire of the nafs may be beautified by such an apparent good intention and as a beginner  in the way you have no way to know whether in fact you are sincere or not nor power to hold to sincerity if you are. In fact, everything must follow the rules and the first rule to lead public Dhikr is authorization from your Shaykh. Then what if you don’t follow a Shaykh…? Allah knows best.

Taher Siddiqui

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