Permission for Subhanim Allah Dhikr


My request is to ask this question only to Shaykh Hisham or Dr. Nour Kabbani orĀ  Jaa’nashine huzoor Shaykh Nazim Shaykh Adil. Reply me if the answer is any one of these mashaikh only.

Assalamu alaikum,
I have watched a YouTube video about Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (rehmatullahi alaih) talking about the zikr that is the greatest of zikr, that is so strong if shaytan recite it, he will too enter Jannah. Shaykh Adnan (rehmtullahi alaih) was there in video too, my question is if it is allowed and a open permission to do that zikr, the zikr is as below mentioned:

Subhanim Allah – My Subhan is Allah
Sultanim Allah – My Sultan is Allah
Nabiyyi Muhammad – Muhammad is my Nabi
Alaihi’s-salam – peace be upon him.

I am not mureed in Naqshbandia silsila but if it allow to do that zikr please reply ASAP.




Shaykh Nour Kabbani responded:

Waleikum assalam

There is permission to do that Zikr everywhere in the world .

Best regards
Nour Kabbani


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