Questions about Naqshbandi way


Salam, I am a murid, but friends around me are always putting Mawlana down and the tariqa regarding it as bad, please could you answer the few questions which that always ask me.

1. Why do murids have pictures of their shaykh when pictures are haram in islam?

2. Why has Shaykh Nazim said that he will be with his murid when the two angels of the grave question the person?

3. Why do Naqshbandis say ‘Ya Ali’ in gatherings after making takbeer (e.g at Shaykh Hisham events)

4. Why is there a big ‘cult’ around Shaykh Nazim that they have all created?


Remember that the one who traverses in the Way of Allah, at least 70 devils shall come to disturb him. If you truly are a Murid, then be prepared for them.

In response:

1) You have IDs. Don’t you have pictures on them? In the Middle East, they have pictures of their kings and presidents displayed publicly in gigantic proportions! Even in the chief Wahhabi/Salafi states have them. Why don’t they tear them down? Read this article about permissibility and use of pictures.

2) It’s because the lover will not be left alone by the beloved. Refer to this posting: Awliyah help in the grave

3) That is neither a practice of Naqshbandis nor is that a teaching of any of our Shaykhs. However they call him out, out of love for Ahlu l-Bayt and for his spiritual support.

4)¬†They do that too with their leaders in the Middle East (Wahhabi/Salafi states included), don’t they?¬†There are no cults around Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. Just lovers.

Abdul Shakur

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