Removing bad effects of praying over someone


Please I want to know that after doing any wazifa and/or reciting any Ayat or Darood over someone there most of the times comes a great or some burden over you. How can we remove that burden and cure ourselves by Allah’s help. How to remove bad effects?



Salawat and awrad are for connecting to Allah’s mercy and shafa’a of the Prophet (saws) in its various manifestations including healing. Sometimes or often times, our lower self gets in the way while we are unaware, thinking ‘we are praying for so and so’ so some of burdens reflect upon us. We must develop certainty that Allah is the One doing the salawat and the mercy descending is from Nur Muhammad peace be upon him. Also that we are just as much in need as anyone else. May we all be under His forgiveness and mercy in whatever service we are in.

WaAllah Alam.

Kamau Ayubbi

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