Rights of Other People



I owe some money to non-Muslims and I am in touch with one of them but the other one I have no clue where he is how am I supposed to pay him back? Because I fear that in the day of judgement that person might be a kafir and he may ask for my whole entire good deeds and I will be one of the muflis (bankrupt person).

Secondly, if I have done some wrong to some people but I am not aware of it or if they have already died. How am I to repay them in this life so they don’t come after my good deeds?

Is there going to be some balancing of this in the day of judgement, can a kafir person ask for my whole entire good deeds and iman for some money I owed him in this world?



We have social media, maybe you’d like to search for the person from whom you owed the money? I’m quite sure most of us are connected somehow.

If you can’t locate that person, make intention that you want to pay him back and inform your close ones that you’ve reserved that amount of money somewhere safe and untouched – pending discovery of its owner – and this shall be written for you by Angel Raqib. At least you’ve done this part so when the Angels Munkar and Nakir comes upon you in the grave, they should have gotten updates from Angel Raqib. If not, you could tell them you’ve already done that and not to take you to task.

Read the Du’a of the Saint of Rajab 3 times daily. You can read it any time, even outside of Rajab, and is excellent for total cleansing of your sins. Mawlana Shaykh Nazim said the one who recites this du’a shall be cleansed like a newborn child. You may refer to the du’a and
download the pdf with Arabic here.

wa minAllahi t-Tawfiq

Abdul Shakur

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