Significance of Gemstones


Did our Shaykhs indicate any significance to rings with gemstones?


Shaykh Hisham Kabbani said in a suhbat dated November 29, 2009:

..this is an important message to everyone listening, to understand the meaning of different levels of sainthood and representatives, to appreciate what we have, because we are not appreciating. We have diamonds and we are looking at zircon. Zircon has a value of two carats, which is ten dollars. But diamonds of the same size has a value of 200 million dollars, same size and same cut. The diamond has a secret, and the zircon doesn’t have a secret. If you put a zircon on the machine that counts the electromagnetic waves, you will see a very weak signal, but a diamond shows strong electromagnetic waves. That shows it is carrying a lot of secrets and a lot of energy, and that is why Prophet (s) advised that when wearing the Sunnah ring, be sure the stone of the ring touches the skin, especially `aqeeq (carnelian) or ferouze (turquoise), because there is a secret energy that passes from `aqeeq and fixes your system and your skin.

Taher Siddiqui

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