Spiritual Feeling/Increased Heart Rate


AssalamualaikumĀ Bismilliah,

There’s this night when I came back home and wanted to pray salatul Isha. Before taking wudhu my heart was feeling uneasy. Then throughout my salat and dhikr afterwards my heart beats fast throughout and the feeling of death engulfed me as though I was going to die moments later so I did salat tawbah and dhikr. There was also this feeling that some bad energy was harming me, cos there was this scratching sounds whenever I was getting more focused in my salat, and that made me lost focus for awhile.

So this fast heart beat, uneasiness lasted for around 5 hours, could not sleep well the whole night, and it only ended right before fajr. My heart and physique felt weak after this ordeal. What is this that I was feeling? Is it from a negative source or a divinely positive source? Thank You.


Alaykum Salam,

It could be either reason you mentioned or another reason. It is not necessarily a spiritual but might be originally only a physical fatigue. Remembrance of death is definitely good inspiration.

What matters is regularity and also to remember the huge benefits of jama’ah and praying at the beginning of the required time.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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