Strength to remain consistent


I want to be consistent, that is, whenever I start something, I remain loyal for some days and then that determination slowly starts getting thin, and after few weeks I am again at zero. Before its too late, I want to solve this serious problem.


I am watching myself to see if I am consistent! And there are examiners watching me also, to see if I am consistent! When they certify that I reached consistency, then I can advise you. Until then, we are all ‘waiting at the door’. How will it be when that door is suddenly opened? In what state will we be found? Maulana Shaykh Nazim – may Allah sanctify his holy secret – used to say that, “This world is between the horns of a bull (tossed to and fro) and that bull is standing on a rock. That rock sits on the back of a whale, and that whale is swimming in an ocean. That ocean is in the power of Allah! Everything must have a base!” May Allah make you persevere on His path, and to reach a heavenly support that will carry you onwards despite everything that may confront you. For the sake of Prophet sallaLahu alayhi wa salaam, and for the sake of Holy Ramadan, may he be happy with you and me and everyone who tries to make Holy Ramadan happy with them! Shukran for your question, and once again salaam.

Abdul Haqq

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