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Assalam alaykum

How can I then contact a shaykh that will be willing to teach me tasawuf or how can I ask such a question, for example what would I say to a shaykh. Can you guide me to a shaykh who is willing to teach me tasawuf.



Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah!

This is a site connected to the living teacher of Tasawwuf, Shaykh Hisham Kabbani, deputy of Grandshaykhs Sayyidi Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani and Shaykh Abdullah ad Daghestani. Depending on where you are there will be local representatives that can assist you to better understand principles of Tasawwuf and the Shuyukh methods of teaching. Essentially they are teaching us by example and word to increase our Love for Allah and His Messenger in order to follow the Sunnah with deeper love and respect.

May Allah bless you Eternally in your quest…

Kamau Ayubbi

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