Sweet Smell



I have a sweet smell which comes into my room sometimes, I have noticed it is every time I am doing salawat. A few months back I was really concentrating on my salawats and doing it daily, when I used to come into my room there used to be a very sweet smell and at one instant I was sitting on my bed doing salawat and the smell so strong it was literally coming into my mouth. Now that I’m not concentrating so much on salawats, it only comes sometimes when I’m doing salawats. Last time it came after a long time only for a few seconds when I was reading Shaykh Hisham’s salawat book.

Please could you tell me what this is, as I know for sure I am not imagining it, and tell me how to keep it coming inshaAllah.



Alaykum Salam,

It is a sensory encouragement on which you should not rely but rather you should progress and move on unaided by signs other than your own growing love for Allah and His Prophet.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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