Tasawwur & tayy al-lisan


Aalam alaykm Sheikh Hisham al Kabbani,
Basically, first I wanted to ask, I’m baith with a next level Naqshbandi sheikh, and I’ve been baith for 2 years approximately. I wanted to ask how to make my tasawar e Sheikh stronger that when I close eyes I see them.

Second that al lisan, many brother have tried explaining it, but basically I read about 20, 000 salawat e khizri, and wanted to ask is it ok to read fast or not? Some brothers say its ok, some say read slowly. Now I think if I read fast its baiadaby in the court of RasoolAllah salala hu alehi wasallam. I simply want to ask you is it waswasa? Is it ok to read it fast, like about 3-4 in one second?

Please sheikh this will sort everything out for me in life. JazakAllah


`Alaykum Salam,
For tasawwur recall to mind the physical appearance of your murshid and keep it between your two eyes for about 15 minutes minimum. For recitation you can read sometimes slow and sometimes fast, no problem.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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