Prayer Request: Unveil me


My dearest Shaykh Hisham,

What is the fastest method for me to unveil myself and heart to reach my purpose in this life from your power-packed speech in Argentina .

Please advise me and please pray for everyone.
My family loves you very much and I have a picture of you in my room in Singapore.


wa `alaykum salam,

The fastest method is to keep up your five prayers, to do your awrad, and practice the three principles that one Sahabi was doing every day and the Prophet (s) described him as someone who is going to go to Paradise:

1) To give 3 x Shahada and `aqida before sleep, Ashadu an la ilaha ill ‘Llah wa ashadu anna Muhammadan rasoolullah wa iqamu ‘s-salata wa itau ‘z-zakat wa sawmu ramadan wa hajju ‘l-bayt haqqan amantu billah wa malaikatihi wa kutubihi wa rusulih wa bil-yawmil-akhir wa bi’l-qadri khayri wa sharrihi wa bi’l-b`atha b`ad al-mawti haqquhu.

    2) He must be submitting to Allah’s Will and seeing everything coming from Allah and everything going to Allah and that companion said, “If all this dunya comes to me in the morning it doesn’t change anything in my life, and if all of it goes in the evening I don’t get angry I submit to Allah swt.” It is especially important to those whom Allah gave wealth that they are thankful, and when they lose their job to be thankful that Allah will give them new job, ie it means submission and surrender.

    3) Before sleeping forgive everyone that backbit you or spread rumors against you and it means to forgive everyone. That is difference but struggle with it as much as possible and keep connection with the Prophet (s), with your shaykh, and with awliyaullah .

    Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

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