Wird of Rabi-ul Awwal


Salaam Alaykum!
May Allah give His endless Blessings to Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, Shaykh Mehmet Sultan, Shaykh Hisham and Shaykh Adnan Kabbani, and all staff of eShaykh!
I saw a video where Mawlana (q) prescribes the wird of the holy month of Mawlid. He recommends us to make 1000 Salawats daily. I want to know if a can mix this special wird with my daily wird. I.e. I already make 300 salawats daily. So, is necessary to make another 1000 salawats or i can make 700 an joining with the 300 that i already make?
Many blessings to our beloved RasuluLah and to all of you in this holy month.
Thanks, and sorry for my band adab and my bad English.


The daily Awrad is separate. You should finish that first. Afterwards you may continue with this special Wird.

Allahumma Salli ‘ala Muhammad.

Abdul Shakur

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