Wazaif from Different Shaykh


Salam Shaykh

I met one Qadri Shaykh He give me 1 Wazaif and I met another Naqsbandi Shaykh he give me another Wazaif should I do both Wazaif daily ?

Please Guide me




Wa alaikum Salaam wa Rahmatullah, 

May Allah bless you.  Within this question there is an importance of intention. It is assumed that your are meeting these Shuyukh for reaching Allah’s pleasure with you, but it is a question of the relationship and capacity each Shaykh has to you and if your intentions match up with theirs. There is among shuyukh Tarbiyya, Tasfiyya, Tazkiyya, and Baraka and various Shuyukh have different capacity.

In short, you must understand the purpose of the wazifah you are doing. If you do not have baya’a with these shuyukh what do you want to achieve by them?  Blessings, purification, refinement or spiritual training to achieve what you promised on the day of promises?

Get clear on your purpose of the zikr and relationship to the various silsila. Then you will only need one wird. 


Kamau Ayyubi

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